D + J Engagement Session // Brooklyn, NY

the whole week leading up to the session, we were praying for good weather only to be greeted with what seemed like a possible hurricane. but you know how that saying goes… “a blessing in disguise?” while i was anticipating for us to reschedule the shoot, dahae was adamant that her prayers led her to believe that we shouldn't. late into the evening before the shoot, we decided to scratch our plans to head upstate and stay local. we frantically searched for possible indoor locations in brooklyn, and still kept outdoor locations open hoping for breaks in between the rain. we were set on having a good time regardless and a good time we did :) somehow the rain stopped every time we were shooting outdoors and rained only while we were in the vehicle going from location to location. it was the most random, but welcomed gift we could have hoped for. towards the end of our time together, we decided to pray for the rain to be present during our last shots and it was so dreamy. i love all the different shots we got to make together! in hindsight, i was grateful for everything we experienced. they helped me to learn that a) rain doesn’t have to equate to bad weather and can make for some really beautiful shots. b) working with client friends is awesome. c) maintaining peace in the midst of things going wrong is possible and necessary. d) sessions may be tiring but in the end, i get to do what i love and that is something i can never take for granted. so here’s to making mistakes, letting go of our own plans, seizing the moment, learning, laughing, and making beautiful things. who’s with me? hope you enjoy this set as much as i do!

Danielle Oh